Dr. Prishnee Datta, Ph.D., is a Clinical and Developmental Psychologist/Psychotherapist. She provides psychotherapy to people from diverse walks and cultures. She also does psycho-educational assessments and provides psychotherapy via telephone, email and video conference, so that you can remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Her office is in Hoeilaart, very close to Brussels (Belgium).

Life is complex. At times we get stuck in our ability to move forward. This may be due to a specific situation - such as a life-threatening event, work related stress, relationship breakdowns or due to constant damaging factors throughout childhood, that sap our self-esteem and motivation.

Talking things through with your Psychologist/Psychotherapist can help. You will see where you are coming from, and be released from negative blocks that impede your progress. I believe that all human beings have an inbuilt drive to grow, improve, and move forward. is a confidential service. Professional psychotherapy is provided here on various complexities of life. The methodology of therapy is solution-oriented, personal and convenient. Everyone has their own requirements, so I will work with you on a short or long-term basis according to your needs.

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